1. Resident College Fee in 2019/20

UM Undergraduate Freshmen should live in a Residential College during their first year of study. Upper-class students may apply to live in a Resident College. Those who register for residential living during the First Semester undertake (or pledge) to reside in the College for the entire academic year. The College Fees are paid in two installments, one in the summer, and the other in November/December.

Macao students Non-local students Incoming Exchange students
MOP14,900 MOP24,400 MOP28,200
  • Macao student refers to holder of valid Macao SAR I.D. card
  • Room type is double occupancy for two semesters. The fee will include 15 meals per week, residential college facilities, activities, high table dinner, workshops and seminars.


Residence period of RC for academic year 2019/20

Academic Year 2019/20 Starting Date Ending Date
1st Semester 12th August 2019 5th January 2020
2nd Semester 6th January 2020 31st May 2020

For students who need to stay beyond the official last move-out date, they have to apply for the summer stay during the application period.

  • Summer stay fee is applicable from the night of the official last move-out date
  • For graduating students, their summer stay can be extended at most for 2 weeks after the official last move-out date, that is 14th June 2020.


RC fee payment refund policy effective for academic year 2018/2019 and thereafter

  • All students who withdraw from RC 2 weeks before the residence period starts or earlier can apply for a full refund of the RC fee paid;
  • All students who withdraw from RC within 2 weeks before the residence period starts can apply for a refund of 50% of the RC fee paid;
  • There will be no refund for students who withdraw from RC after the residence period starts.


2. Meal service period of RC for academic year 2019/20

Academic Year 2019/20 Meal Service Period Total Week
1st Semester 12th Aug to 19th Dec 2019 18 weeks
2nd Semester 5th Jan to 18th Jan 2020 2 weeks
2nd Feb to 18th May 2020 15 weeks
35 weeks


3. Electricity and Water consumption quota

Each student is subsidized MOP70 electricity consumption and MOP30 water consumption quota per month during the academic year. Excessive consumption will be charged in a semester basis. For the unused subsidy, it cannot be carried forward.

Charge per unit

  • Electricity Charge per unit: MOP1.26
  • General Water Charge per unit: MOP6.1


4. Fees and Charges for Replacement Key cards

  • Requiring assistance for re-entry to a room: MOP 10 each time (application via security counter)
  • Room key card replacement: (application via college office)
    • For 1st time: MOP 20 per card
    • For 2nd time and subsequent occasions: MOP50 per card


5. Charge of Damaged/lost furniture, equipment and electric appliances

  • The “Charge List of Damaged/Lost Furniture, Equipment and Electric Appliances at the Residential Colleges” was posted up to main entrance and floor notice boards.
  • The compensation cost will be applied if the object is lost or the damage affects its function.
  • The cost of repair will be applied when the damage (e.g., stain, mark, etc.) does not affect the normal function. The compensation payment will be charged according to the quotations obtained at that time.
  • If the lost or damaged item is not in the tables, the corresponding compensation charge will be based on the quotation upon obtained.


6. Housekeeping service charges

  • Students are required to restore and clean up the room as its original condition upon move-out, otherwise, MOP150 cleaning fee will be charged.