For the safety and security of our residents, there is an Access Control Mechanism inside Shiu Pong College. Your cooperation to the following guideline is vital for keeping SPC safe.

Resident Card
Each Resident will be given a SPC resident card for accessing their designated room. Please remember to bring along your resident card at all time. For security reason, please report to the security guard or college office immediately upon finding you have lost your resident card. The college office will reissue a new resident card to you during office hour.

* The resident card is a property of the UM, and the UM reserves all rights to charge a student for any damage or lost, and the charge is defined by UM.

Student Card
Each student of UM will be given a UM student card. You need to use your UM student card to pass through the turnstile at the main entrance of SPC. The card is also used for accessing the elevators or some common facilities in UM. Thus, please also remember to bring along your UM student card too.

* For replacement of a student card, you need to report to UM Registry (for undergraduate) or Graduate School (for postgraduate).

Usage of UM Official Email Accounts in Shiu Pong College
In order to reinforce the identity of students, please be informed that all students are required to use their official UM email accounts for any enquiry and communication with Shiu Pong College. Office of Shiu Pong College will only reply enquiries sent by your official UM webmail accounts. To ensure that students can receive email from Shiu Pong College successfully, we hereby would like to remind all students to check and clear up your individual UM mailbox regularly, so that you can obtain the latest news and information from Shiu Pong College promptly.