Prof. Benzi Zhang, 張本梓教授

Prof. Zhang has extensive work experience as professor and dean in North America, Hong Kong, and mainland China, and has contributed in various positions to universities and society. He considers UM an ideal place for those who aspire for whole-person education and wish to put their aspirations into practice with the University’s unique residential college system that provides a space for multi-dimensional development of students. As college master, Prof. Zhang aims to devote himself to the promotion of a cross-cultural educational system that cultivates multi-disciplinary talents combining Western and Asian perspectives, instil good behaviour and values in students, and enhance students’ qualities in various areas. Prof. Zhang encourages students to nurture their cultural sensibilities, to develop the habit of independent thinking, and to improve communication and leadership skills through participating in extracurricular activities and social services organised by the College. He hopes that all ‘Shiu Pongers’ will search for, reflect on, and live a meaningful and worthy life, by serving as role models and making a difference wherever they go as ‘the light of the world’.