Longitudinal Experiential Learning Program

English Tables (ETs)

The English Tables (ETs) are organized to help raise the English abilities (speaking/listening/presentation) of SPC students. English- speaking volunteers from the teaching faculties and outside of the University come every Wednesday and Thursday each week. Throughout the academic year they help SPCers to express themselves in English about issues relevant to university students.

English Camps (ECs)

ECs are intended to provide students a chance to speak English rather intensively with English-speaking tutors over a period of 2-3 days. ECs are organized in the beginning and at the end of the academic year. ECs typically involve both indoor and outdoor activities on campus and in Macau, with English speakers collaborating with our students to complete goal-oriented and fun activities.

English Days (EDs)

EDs are intended to provide a chance for students to practice oral English through fun activities throughout the day, organized occasionally during the academic year. Past ED activities include games, drama, sharing, discussion, presentation and cultural exchange with students from Hyogo University of Japan.

YUNA International Student Symposium

Students participating in YUNA would learn skills in research and presentation in English. YUNA is an annual student symposium held at New Asia College of the Chinese University of Hong Kong. Students from the Yale University of the United States and the Chinese University of Hong Kong present their research results in the symposium. Student representatives from SPC have attended the conference in the past five years, as observers in the first two years and as presenters in the last three years.

Overseas Summer Program: American Culture and Language Program at NCU, Eugene, Oregon, USA (OSP)

This overseas summer program is intended to provide an immersion experience for students to learn and practice English at a US university for a period of 15 days (June – July) after two semesters of participation in ETs and ECs.

Dream Building Team (DBT)

The Dream Building Team is a group of SPCers who volunteer to provide academic tutoring to children each day at a children’s home. Through the practical experience of serving, DBT members learn to grow in teamwork, in problem-solving skills, in leadership and in undertaking responsibility.

Shanxi Service Learning Trip (SSLT)

This six-month-long service learning project involves firstly an understanding of the educational needs of students, dialogues with teachers, and fact-finding of Bo Ai School in Shanxi Province of China, then students create and develop their own teaching plans/materials, followed by a 12-day volunteer teaching trip for primary and junior high school students there.

College Choir (CC)

The College Choir nurtures students’ ability to appreciate the art form of choral singing and to cooperate with each other in harmony.

Student Ambassador Team (SAT)

Students with an interest to serve the College as ambassadors of goodwill and positive image boosters will be given training on hospitality and media to help receive and welcome our guests, and they will have opportunities (such as High Table Dinners) to introduce our College to guests, visitors and friends of the College.

Debate Team (DT)

The Debate Team develops students’ critical ability in assessing conflicting arguments from multiple perspectives.

Short Film Production Club (SFPC)

The Short Film Production Club allows students to craft their ideas and tell their stories through the lens of a camera.