Message from College Master

Welcome to the Shiu Pong College family!

We are committed to creating a warm and harmonious ‘home away from home’ for students. The College offers a congenial and inclusive environment in which students can grow in a caring and friendly atmosphere full of hope and a strong sense of belonging. We adhere to a student-centered approach and focus on cultivating good friendships and a deep level of understanding that will allow us to travel together over the mountains and valleys in life.

The core value of residential college is not merely to impart knowledge, but rather to help younger people grow up, find the ideal and meanings of life, and become citizens and leaders with the abilities of moral judgment and independent thinking. The College will strengthen students’ self-management skills and help students establish good habits of behaviour and learn to take their own responsibility, so that they will be able to meet the needs of society in the future.

The College is a place where new generations of students would be able to pursue their dreams. The essences of the East and the West merge together here; and tradition and innovation fuse with each other. Through various activities offered by the College, students will enhance experiential learning, form good character and acquire soft skills, which allow them to be more capable of shouldering social responsibilities, to shine light around the world, and to turn into role models of our time in serving community and society.

The spirit of Shiu Pong will become more and more treasurable with the passage of time; and the stories of ‘Shiu Pongers’ pursuing dreams together would be unfolding incessantly from here into the future far and wide…

Professor Benzi Zhang

Master of Shiu Pong College



我們致力於營造一個溫馨和諧的‘家•緣’氛圍,建立一種緣分, 彼此關心,寬厚包容,提升‘紹邦人’的認同感和歸屬感,增強書院的凝聚力。書院堅持以學生爲重心,注重友誼與交流,攜手一起走過高峰與低谷,互相支持,共同成長。