While the University creates the four-in-one model as the frame of operation in which the whole person education process can take place, the Residential College (RC) System promotes and encourages the development of soft skills in the form of five competencies as required of 21st Century university students.

Shiu Pong College, on this basis, would like to provide a piece of fertile soil upon which “Shiu-Pong” will learn, grow and mature academically, intellectually, personally, socially and spiritually, and we hope that their stay at Shiu Pong College will help them acquire the following skills, attitudinal orientation and character traits:

  • As an effective learner and competent communicator
  • Able to reason critically and to make balanced judgment
  • Be courageous to breakthrough conventions and innovative in the process
  • Able to embrace differences from a global perspective
  • As a collegiate team player and a humble leader
  • Honest in self-reflection and compassionate in caring for others
  • Adhere to truth and pursue perfection
  • Continually search for, reflect on and live a meaningful, purposive and worthy life
  • To shine as “the light of the world” in the form of role models and make a positive difference where they are

We fully understand that the above are easier said than done, and if it is to be achieved, it will take a long time, and in the process meet with lots of hurdles and challenges. Yet, Shiu Pong College will spare no effort in realizing our dream of helping Shiu-Pongers to become the light of the world.





  • 具備學習和溝通能力
  • 能理性批判,中肯判斷
  • 敢於超越傳統規範,創新創見
  • 懷抱全球視野,接納包容分歧
  • 既是服從的隊員,又能作虛心的領袖
  • 反躬自省,愛顧及人
  • 堅持真理,追求至善
  • 不斷追求探索,活出有意義、有目標、有價值的人生
  • 成為榜樣典範,活出「世上的光」的真諦,展現不一樣的人生