UM regulations require that all first-year students be residential in the college, and actively participate therein. For upper class students, all requests for moving out college during the academic year, a case-by-case approval system should be in place and be subject to the final approval by the respective College Master. Students can either submit the request via email: by using UM webmail or come in person to the office: S9-G016. Move-out interview will be arranged after request. Approval from Master should be granted before move-out.

College move-out procedure:

1. Appointment

Please bring along student card and approach to the SPC office at S9-G016 for the move-out appointment during office hours or via email: Students are encouraged to make appointment at the earliest convenience with THREE working days in advance before the actual move out day, and the actual move-out time is required to be scheduled on working days within office hours.

2. After appointment, students should

  • Remove all personal belongings and garbage, otherwise, Garbage Removal Fee will be imposed;
  • Restore the room as its original condition, otherwise, Cleaning Fee will be imposed;
  • Clear the common area (eg. bathroom) even other students in the same room have not move out yet;
  • Remove all personal belongings in public areas of the college — including pantries, drying areas, common rooms, mailboxes, etc.

3. Approach to Office for move out according to the appointment date and time

  • Please bring along the student card;
  • Please fill up the move-out form;
  • Staff/student trainee will check the conditions of the room and equipment with student. Students need to compensate damaged or lost property in the room if there is any. (The remote control of the room will be checked; placement of assets should be resumed in normal setting.);
  • Staff/student trainee will check the completion of removing personal belongings and garbage, as well as the cleanliness. (Including decoration on the corkboard/doors/wall/windows etc. should be removed; inner-side of the assets, like wardrobe/refrigerator/mobile pedestal/shoes cabinet should be cleaned);
  • Students should return the room key card to the staff/student trainee, please turn off all the electric appliances in room and close all the windows before leaving if there are no other people in that room.

Points to note:

  • College move-out normally will be processed during 10:00-12:30 or 14:30-17:00;
  • Office will be closed every Saturday, Sunday and public holiday.
  • Except summer luggage, students should no longer store personal belongings in college after moving out (including pantries, drying areas, common rooms, mailboxes, etc. ). Anything left in rooms or in the public areas may be discarded and UM will not bear any responsibility for loss or damage.