Seminar talk at Shiu Pong College – The Application of Big Data Analytics in Healthcare

Nowadays, big data has become a hot topic in both the academic and the industrial research. On October 16, 2020, Professor Carolina Oi Lam UNG of the Institute of Chinese Medical Sciences was invited to deliver a seminar talk entitled “The Application of Big Data Analytics in Healthcare”. Around 60 students participated in this seminar.

Professor Ung introduced the topic by mentioning how big the big data is, challenging students to think about how big data has affected human’s daily life. She then explained the sources of data in a health system, key steps in data analysis and application of big data in healthcare. Professor Ung vividly expounded different types of big data in health sector, inspiring students to think about the challenges of big data and strategies to overcome challenges. Many students said the seminar was rich in content and thought-provoking, and that they gained a lot from it.

Aiming to popularize cutting-edge scientific discoveries and technology among students, SPC has organized a seminar-talk series on a vast range of topics which are not yet available in textbooks. These topics include: how Omega-3 prevents cognitive dysfunctions, current research on Alzheimer’s disease, the misconceptions and truth of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the development of stem cells and cloning technology.