A. Application Period

22 February – 15 March, 2019


B. Eligible Applicants

Current undergraduates who belong to Shiu Pong College


C. Application Procedure

E-form link: https://webdocs.umac.mo/sites/eform/rc/spc/Lists/201920%20SPC%20Readmission%20Application%20Form/NewForm.aspx?

  1. Log in the e-form link with your student ID and password
  2. Fill out the on-line application form
  3. Upon completion, click “Save and Submit”


  • Each applicant can only submit the online application form once. Please read and fill out the form carefully and completely.
  • Please ensure that all information on the form is correct before submission, as changes are not allowed once the form is submitted.
  • This form serves as an application only. Approval of the application is subject to the final decision by the college.
  • Applicants will receive an auto email notification after submitting the e-form. For those who don’t receive the auto email notification, please approach the General Office (S9-G016) for verification.


D. Schedule: 

Application Period22 February – 15 March
Interview Period1 April – 18 April
Announcement 29 April

Payment Period

(First semester college fee)

10 May – 23 May

**Subject to change by the University.


E. Fee and Subsidy:

Local studentNon-local student
College FeeMOP14,900 per academic yearMOP24,400 per academic year
Electricity SubsidyMOP70 per month
Water SubsidyMOP30 per month
  • Students who register for residence during the First Semester undertake to reside in the College for the entire academic year. College Fees, however, are paid in two installments, one in the summer, and the other in December.
  • There will be no refund for students who withdraw from RC after the residence period starts.
  • For more details of the Residential College Fee, please refer to the RC website: https://rc.um.edu.mo/residential-college-fee/


F. Selection criteria:

  • Participation in longitudinal program(s) and one-off activities organized by the College
  • Whether an applicant has accommodation in Macau other than the College


G. College Fee Installment Application:

For students who face financial difficulties in settling the college fee may apply for college fee installments at the same time. Individual interviews will be conducted with students who apply for installments. Upon approval, the first installment will be paid during the original college fee payment period and the remaining amount will be paid according to the designated schedule before the end of the accommodation period.

*Requirement: Average monthly per capita household income is lower than the amount  stipulated in Article 3.2.1 of “Application Eligibility” in “the Guidelines for Study Loan Application” issued by the Education and Youth Affairs Department.


Please approach the General Office of Shiu Pong College (S9-G016) on/before 15 March 2019 for the College Fee installment application with the following documents:

  • Application form (please approach the General Office of SPC for the related form).
  • An application letter written by the applicant and/or family member(s) living with the applicant.
  • Proofs of salary of family member(s) issued by their employer(s). For unemployed family member(s), they should submit the declaration of income (please approach the General Office of SPC for the related form).
  • Declaration of household income (please approach the General Office of SPC for the form).
  • A copy of the ID card of the applicant
  • A copy/Copies of ID card(s) of all the family member(s) living with the applicant
  • The originals will be verified when the application is submitted.



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