Dear Shiu Pongers,


This is an important document that you must read because it is related to:


a/ your acquisition of all kinds of soft skills founded on your personal interests; and

b/ your personal growth as promised in the four-in-one whole person education model, as well as

c/ your becoming a role model as the light of the world, as expected by our College Mission and Motto.


After spending one whole summer, on the basis of our first three years operational experience

at Shiu Pong College (SPC), we have now compiled eight (8) comprehensive Charters & Essential

Information documents for all 14 longitudinal and experiential programs that all Shiu Pongers could

know about, could participate in, learn and grow through such experiential learning opportunities.


In addition, each Charter and Essential Information document, which are listed below, will lead you

not only to a better understanding of each program — its mission objectives, organizational structure,

historical development and operational details — but also explain to you rather thoroughly the

Experiential Learning Points (ELP) Scheme, how your participation in each such program will help

you not only learn and grow in a meaningful way, but also how to gain ELP for your active and

longitudinal participation, which may bring you overseas learning or exchange opportunities as well

as scholarship and honors.


SPC’s Longitudinal and Experiential Programs:

1/  English Programs (EP), which contains 7 other sub-programs of English Table (ET), English Camp (EC),

English Day (ED), Food and Culture (F&C), YUNA Program (YUNA), Overseas Summer Program (OSP),

and Advanced Student Leadership Training Program (ASLTP);

2/  Dream Building Team (DBT);

3/  Shanxi Service Learning Trip (SSLT);

4/  College Choir (CC);

5/  Debate Team (DT);

6/  Drama Club (DC);

7/  Short Film Production Workshop (SFPW);

8/  Student Ambassadors Team (SAT).


Whether you are freshman or senior year students, you are encouraged to click into each

of the above 8 links for information and opportunities.



Kenneth W. Y. Leung, Ph.D

Master, Shiu Pong College