Celebrating the 40th Anniversary of the University of Macau:

SPC’s seminar talk on “Walking into the Nobel Prize surrounding us and greatly impacting on the healthcare and life”

The Shiu Pong College strives to popularize cutting-edge scientific discoveries and technology among students. On March 11, 2021, Dr. Wang Li of the Faculty of Health Sciences was cordially invited to deliver a seminar on “Walking into the Nobel Prize surrounding us and greatly impacting on the healthcare and life”. More than 50 students participated in this seminar.

With a warm welcome and introduction from Professor Benzi Zhang, Master of Shiu Pong College, Dr. Wang introduced the Nobel Prize facts, like the history, categories and award process. She then talked about the Nobel Prizes’ impact on our everyday life. For example, Karl Waldemar Ziegler and Giulio Natta won the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 1963, for their work on high-density polyethylene. This invention was a major step forward in creating the modern plastic bag. The Nobel Prizes in physiology or medicine, including achievements related to antibody, malaria, hepatitis and blood transfusion, were also introduced. During the seminar talk, Dr. Wang explained a lot of interesting facts of Nobel Prizes, students have surely benefited from the talk which is so rich in contents.




講座先由紹邦書院張本梓院長致歡迎辭,隨後由王博士介紹諾貝爾獎的基本知識,包括獎項的由來、分類及提名與評選過程等。此外,她亦介紹多項現實生活中的諾貝爾獎成果。例如,1963年,科學家Karl Waldemar Ziegler和Giulio Natta因合成高分子塑料而共同獲得諾貝爾化學獎,這塑料現已被廣泛應用在膠袋的製作上。她還重點介紹了諾貝爾生理與醫學獎當中,與抗體、疟疾、肝炎及輸血相關的研究成果。講座上,王博士耐心地講解了很多有趣的諾貝爾獎知識,讓同學獲益良多。

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