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Flag Raising Ceremony of National Day 2019

Shiu Pong College held the 1st High Table Dinner of 2019/20

2018/19 3rd HTD

Rector Song and Master Zhang presented the SPC College Award certificates to student leaders

2019 SPC Overseas Summer Program

2019 SPC Shanxi Service Learning Trip


The Macao SAR Government urges: Implement regular epidemic prevention measures; Do our best to persist; Wash hands frequently and wear a mask; Keep a distance and avoid crowd gathering; Perseverance leads to success.

特區政府呼籲: 防疫常態化,堅持不鬆懈,洗手戴口罩,保持距離勿聚集,慎防前功盡廢。

O Governo da RAEM insta: Por norma previna a epidemia; Persista e não abrande; Lave as mãos frequentemente e use máscara; Mantenha a distância e evite aglomerações; Evite a perda de todos os esforços anteriores.

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紹邦書院舉行「疫情下的澳門格蘭披治」專題講座 / Seminar talk at Shiu Pong College – Macau Grand Prix under Pandemic

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紹邦書院舉辦「華為手機將成絕版嗎?」專題講座 / Seminar talk at Shiu Pong College – Will Huawei Phones be Limited Edition?

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紹邦書院舉辦「與教授午聚—我這樣走過大學之路」 / Lunch with Professors at SPC – University Life: What to Expect?

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