College Logo

The seven-pointed and three-layered star revolves continuously and beams red, blue, and purple light to the four corners of the earth – symbolizing the expectation that SPC students will shine as bright as the stars in the sky and act as lights of inspiration in all manners and in all directions.

College Mission

On the basis of teachings of Confucianism and the Christian spirit of Faith, Hope and Love, the mission of Shiu Pong College is to inspire students to search for, reflect on, and live a meaningful, purposeful, and fruitful life in order to serve as role models and make a positive difference wherever they go, as the light of the world.

College Motto

“You are the Light of the World”

As light appears, darkness recedes. As light appears, truth is revealed. As truth is revealed, people are enlightened, liberated, and freed. Thus, “light” embodies and adherence to truth, the pursuit of perfection, a passion towards life, and a desire to share and help.

Shiu Pong College strives to help resident students develop these notable personal traits, broaden their attitudes and perspectives, and nurture them to be “the Light of the World”.

College Anthem