ECF Inc. Fellowship Orphanage (Macau, China)

ECF Inc. Fellowship Orphanage, which was formerly an orphanage, and now the partner institution of SPC’s Dream Building Team (DBT) for the past seven years. Dream Building Team is a SPC voluntary student organization with over 30 members. It was founded to encourage students’ social service involvement that nurtures a gracious attitude to serve and to help people in need.

Bo Ai School (Shanxi, China)

Bo Ai School, a non-government-run school located in Fengcun, Xin Yuan County, Changzhi City, Shanxi Province of China. Every summer (May-June), SPC students will visit Bo Ai School on a service-learning trip for 13-15 days. Through activities such as volunteer classroom teaching, individual tutoring, visit to nearby elderly home and organic farming, the service learning trip provides students a precious opportunity to learn how to serve and care for others with a kind and selfless heart, cultivating a strong sense of empathy and thankfulness in participating students, as well as to learn how to work with others as a team.

Bushnell University (Eugene, Oregon , USA)

Bushnell University (Former name: Northwest Christian University) has been the partner institution of SPC for the past six years. Every summer (June-July), SPC students will participate in the “American Culture and Language Program” (ACLP) at Bushnell University. Such program was designed to be experiential in nature, combining language enhancement, cultural immersion and leadership training into one. The ACLP is a critical part of SPC’s effort to help its students to significantly improve their English language abilities and broaden their global vision through diverse experiential learning activities.

Hyogo University (Hyogo, Japan)

Hyogo University has been one of the partner institutions of SPC since 2018. On Mar-16, 2018 and Mar-12, 2019, SPC organized two special English Days on – “Global Perspective and Cultural Exchange” with Japanese students from Hyogo University of Japan.

This event broadened the horizon of participants from different countries and cultures, and increased their understanding of each other.

New Asia College, The Chinese University of Hong Kong (Hong Kong, China)

YUNA International Student Symposium has been held for over twenty years at New Asia College of the Chinese University of Hong Kong. This annual event provides a platform for students from Yale University of the United States, New Asia College of the Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) and Shiu Pong College (SPC) of the University of Macau to share their academic research findings on various topics as well as to engage in culture exchanges. In 2015-2016, SPC attended the conference as observer. Since 2017, SPC was invited to be one of the three presenting groups.

The Venetian Macao Resort Hotel (Macau, China)

The Venetian Macao Resort Hotel has been the partner institution of SPC since 2015. The “UMAC (SPC) Food & Culture Awareness & Competition” was jointly organized by SPC and Venetian Macao Resort Hotel annually. Being a signature college program, and as one of the most popular activities of the College, this event is not simply a cooking competition, but a platform for students to be exposed to food culture and history around the world.