Mr. Leo Che, 謝頌濠

Leo received his bachelor degree in Management from Macao Polytechnic Institute. Before joining Shiu Pong College, he worked in City of Dreams in the field of Cost Management for five years. Besides, he has more than four years’ experience in Logistics and Inventory control. He likes to play basketball and go jogging at his leisure. He believes that knowledge is boundless so he always remembers the speech from Steve Jobs at Stanford University in 2005: “Stay hungry. Stay foolish”.


Ms. Mariah Ng, 吳曉燕

Mariah received her Bachelor Degree in Marketing from the University of Macau. Before joining the University of Macau as an administrative staff, she had worked in banking industry in the field of securities trading. She started serving in UM in 2012 working for general dormitory students in old campus under the Student Affairs Office (SAO). Her role there is to manage one of the off-campus dormitories located at Hoi Wan Garden. She joined the family of Shiu Pong College (SPC) in 2014. She is glad to be one of the members of SPC, take part in every memorable moment with all the lovely students in SPC.


Ms. Hailie Wong, 黃榕

Hailie received her Bachelor Degree in English Studies from University of Macau. Before joining SPC, Hailie had worked for Venetian Macao in the field of Telemarketing for 2 years. Hailie is a traveling lover. She believes traveling allows people to see life in a different perspective and challenge our conceptions of social convention. Additionally, Hailie loves music and literature. She is happy to be a part of the SPC big family.