Advanced Leadership Training Camp at SPC
(Jan. 26-27, 2018)

Following two one-all leadership training workshops in the past two years, the first Advanced Leadership Training Camp for student leaders at Shiu Pong College (SPC) was successfully convened last Friday and Saturday (Jan. 26-27).

Started in October 2017, this Advanced Leadership Training Program is designed to require a monthly face-to-face meeting or skype conference between one external English-speaking mentor and one student mentee selected from different longitudinal and experiential learning programs of the College. After 4 months of such interaction, a total of 10 pairs of mentor and mentee gathered at SPC for the two-day Camp, where training in developing tailor-made leadership skills for individual student leaders were provided.

The training will continue for another 5 months after this mid-point gathering that contains one training session conducted by a licensed trainer, one sharing-back session by each of the 10 student leaders, 3 mentor-mentee pair-off sessions and one Macau excursion between mentor and mentee.

Observation during the camp’s sharing-back sessions indicated that the English speaking ability and skills by each participating student leaders were found noticeably improved, and their individual presentations in English were smoothly, naturally and confidently delivered. During pair-off mentor-mentee sessions, leadership challenges and solutions, personal character traits conducive to effective leadership were also explored, identified and discussed.

”While this 9-month intensive training is relevant and useful to the development of my leadership skills, it is also meaningful to my personal growth…. as far as I am concerned, my most important learning is that I should start any project with a clearly defined goal,” said Jack Lin, student leader of YUNA Program, an international student symposium between students from Yale University of the U.S., New Asia College of the Chinese University of Hong Kong, and Shiu Pong College of the University of Macau.

”I found the mentor-mentee pair-off sessions extremely meaningful. They help me reflect on my own blind spots and are very useful to my personal growth,” remarked Wing Lou, student advisor to the Dream Building Team.

A total of 10 working professionals from sectors of legal, architectural, banking, commercial, NGO and international schools, were recruited as mentors in the two-day camp at SPC. Ten student leaders, who are currently chairpersons, vice-chairs, student advisors or coordinators of the English Table (ET), Dream Building Team (DBT), College Choir (CC), Shanxi Service Learning Trip (SSLT), YUNA Program and House Association (HA), are selected for their leadership records or potentials. The Program is designed to allow each mentor (a) to help one student leader acquire leadership abilities and skills while he/she serves as leader of a longitudinal-experiential program at the College; (b) to achieve personal growth in the process and (c) make improvement in student’s English-speaking ability and presentation skills.

According to Prof. Kenneth Leung, Master of SPC, this advanced student leadership training program is intended to provide training for greater impact and lasting effect to student leaders of various programs of the College. In May (end of the Academic Year of 2016-17) and September (beginning of the Academic Year of 2017-18) a two-and-a-half-hour workshop on leadership was organized. Yet, they were not longitudinal, nor experiential, said Prof. Leung.











Program Leader Master Leung, explaining the goals and expectations of the training camp


Leader of the mentor group Jenny introducing the 10 participating mentors to the mentees


Licensed trainer Derek explaining the 9-month training program to the audience


Student leader April sharing her experience in the past four months


Student leader Beckham revealing how he was enlightened by ideas given to him by his mentor


Student leader Jack giving an account on the road map leading him to become a better leader of tomorrow



Collective learning taking place at the end of the sharing-back session when student leaders interacted among themselves


Mentee Crystal listening attentively the life story of mentor Jacky


Mentor Layheon and mentee Ollie analyzing together how to effectively deal with the problems of managing different views within a group


Mentor Joanna and Mentee Mandy discussing about appropriate ways of encountering leadership challenges


Mentor Albert and mentee Wing exploring and identifying personality traits conducive to effective leadership


Mentor Jenny and mentee Savanna looking at possibilities in solving problems of personal difference among group member