1.   High Table Dinner

  • Prominent personalities from the academia, from Macau or elsewhere will be invited to speak before dinner begins, a formal time for all college members to meet.

2.   Dinner with Master

  • An informal gathering with the Master, with the Master or an invited guest to speak before dinner begins.

3    Tea time with Master

  • An informal time with the Master at his residence, where two-way interaction is encouraged.

4    Knowledge Broadening Seminar Series

  •  latest development in space exploration
  •  On latest development in cancer research
  •  On latest development in stem cell research

5    Personal Growth Workshop Series

  • On critical thinking
  • On thanatology
  • On creativity

6    Skill-based Workshop Series

  • On writing simple and good English
  • On improving listening and speaking English (through English Table project)
  • On public speaking
  • On leadership skills

7    Cultural Enrichment Series

  • On world music
  • On singing
  • On photography

8    Global Perspective Series

  • On international conflicts
  • On significant international news events (through English Table project)
  • On environmental protection and issues

9    Talk/Sharing that inspires

  • On “encountering death and survive”
  • On “from poverty to abundance”
  • On “a pianist without fingers” (speaker to be confirmed)

10  Service Learning Trips to Macau and Beyond

  • Co-organizing with local NGOs in Macau (to be confirmed)
  • Bo Ai School in Shanxi, China (April or June)

11  Learning-in-Small-Group Projects


The SPC Project Award Scheme refers.