“From Charity to Philanthropy” –
Shiu Pong College successfully hosted the first High Table Dinner of the academic year of 2018/2019

In our hugely materialistic society, most people aspire to a career in high-salary professions such as finance, computer technology and medicine. Relatively fewer people would pursue a career in social service. On October 16, 2018, Shiu Pong College successfully hosted the first High Table Dinner of the academic year 2018/2019. Ms. Jennifer Chau, Director of the Fuhong Society of Macau (澳門扶康會), was the invited speaker who has been actively promoting charitable causes in Macau. She delivered an inspiring speech entitled “From Charity to Philanthropy”. The High Table Dinner was attended by 16 guests and 200 students.

Based on the history and current developments of the Fuhong Society of Macau, and making reference to her own career in social service, Ms. Chau shared with the audience how to turn our kindness into more large-scale social entrepreneurship that practically helps the less privileged groups in Macau. She explained the differences between “Charity” and “Philanthropy”, the significance of “Philanthropy”, and the current state of “Philanthropy” in Macau. It is her hope — apart from study or work — that we could show more care to those people in need, try to love them and make a contribution to “Philanthropy” in Macau.

In this very first High Table Dinner of the academic year, Professor Kenneth Leung, Master of Shiu Pong College, expressed his best wishes to freshmen. He hopes that they can settle into the University of Macau quickly and smoothly, seizing every opportunity to learn, to grow, and to improve themselves throughout their four years of study.

In addition to the speech made by the guest speaker, the Shiu Pong College Choir performed two songs in the High Table Dinner, including the College Anthem and “Why We Sing”. The dining hall was filled with beautiful music and sounds, which lingered in the air even after the songs ended. The High Table Dinner came to an end with laughter and lively chit-chat among students and guests.






合唱團也在晚宴中演唱兩首歌曲,包括院歌和Why we sing,一時間整個大廳充滿了美妙的音韻,待到演唱結束時,仍餘音繞梁,沁人心脾。本次高桌晚宴也在一片歡聲笑語中,正式圓滿落幕。


More than 200 students attending the first High Table Dinner.


The College Choir, conducted by AM Prof. Brian Chan, singing the College Anthem.

Souvenir exchange between Ms. Chau of FuHong Society and Master Leung of SPC.

Group photo