“Fruits of Maturity” – The 7th English Camp of Shiu Pong College

Shiu Pong College (SPC) organized its 7th English Camp on May 18-20, 2018. With the theme of “Fruit of Maturity”, the two-and-a-half-day camp attracted 35 SPCers to join.

Held twice a year, at the beginning and the end of each academic year, English Camp provides not only English learning opportunities to students, but also valuable chances for them to enhance their personal growth and development by participating in ice-breaking fun games, tailor-made character-building workshops, enlightening thematic discussions and excursion to sites in Macau.

The camp was organized by 11 English speaking volunteer tutors from Hong Kong, the United State and Trinidad Tobago. A series of activities that covered topics regarding qualities of virtues, including “Generosity”, “Love”, “Kindness”, Gentleness”, “Joy”, “Self-Control” and “Faithfulness” were designed for participating students to explore and reflect on meaningful life issues, as well as to enhance their whole person development. Also, a group of 5 student teachers from Northwest Christian University (Eugene, USA), who came to provide English-enhancement encounter opportunities to students during their visit at SPC, and participated in this EC, as student tutors.

Throughout the camp, 35 participating students appeared to be highly satisfied with their learning outcomes, and also the friendship they gained through cross-cultural engagement. Majority of participating students said that they look forward to the next English camp to be held on Aug-31, Sept 1-2 2018, with deep personal reflection quoted as follows:

“English Camp really provided me a great chance to practice my English speaking skills. Also, the topic of this EC is helpful for our personal growth and future planning. It benefits me a lot.”

“English Camp always provides me with a great platform to learn English, as well as to make friends from different backgrounds.”

“English Camp has been a platform of opportunities, we just have to be observant and be brave to seize the chance that is presented to us. Cherish the moment together while learning and improving constantly.”

“English Camp is really helpful to SPC students, not only to practice English but also to know more about other social and life issues.”












Opening remark by Master Leung / 梁偉賢院長致開幕詞


Group discussion on Love / 以“愛”為主題的小組討論


Relaying carrot by feet / 用腳傳遞胡蘿蔔接力


Drama performance on Faithfulness /  以“忠誠”為主題的小品表演


Presentation on Generosity / 陳述對於“慷慨”的理解


Playing team building game / 團隊遊戲


Warm communication between volunteer tutor and SPCer



Calculating living budget intently / 專心計算生活預算


Sharing personal reflection / 分享個人反思


Group photo / 大合照