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“You are the Light of the World”


As light appears, darkness recedes. As light appears, truth is revealed. As truth is revealed, people are enlightened, liberated, and freed. Thus, “light” embodies and adherence to truth, the pursuit of perfection, a passion towards life, and a desire to share and help.

Shiu Pong College strives to help resident students develop these notable personal traits, broaden their attitudes and perspectives, and nurture them to be “the Light of the World”.




“You Are The Light of The World” By Wucius Wong
王無邪 教授作品「你們是世上的光」

Shiu Pong College seeks to realize its mission through organizing:

  • Seminars that broaden knowledge frontier;
  • Workshops that enhance personal growth;
  • Workshops that develop learning skills;
  • Events/activities that enrich cultural experience;
  • Talks that sharpen global perspective;
  • Social service learning trips that nurture a gracious attitude to serve genuinely and humbly; and
  • Personal sharing that inspires and enlightens, so that students will embrace a vision much broader than Macau, the Mainland or Asia, and a philosophy of life which is more than just a well-paid job or a life which is abundant not only materialistically.


  • 拓寬知識前沿的研討會;
  • 推動個人成長的工作坊;
  • 改善學習技能的工作坊;
  • 豐富文化體驗的活動;
  • 塑造國際視野的講座;
  • 培育親和、建立真誠與謙卑的服務學習計劃;
  • 有啟發性的個人分享以此幫助學生形成超越澳門、中國乃至亞洲的視野,建立豐盛多彩、不被物質利益所束縛的人生哲學。