SPC Calligraphy Appreciation Seminar 2

SPC organized on Jan-24 its 3-part seminar-talk series on Chinese calligraphy, with the aims to deepen students’ understanding of traditional Chinese culture. The talk, conducted by Dr. Henry Ho from the Faculty of Law, attracted 72 SPCers to participate.

The focus of this workshop is on Xingshu (行書). Dr. Ho first explained the unique characteristic of Xingshu as an efficient writing style indicative of the personal expression or experience of the author in their attempt to imitate Mother Nature. Dr. Ho illustrated the calligraphy style with five most famous calligraphic works in Chinese history: Lanting Xu by Wang Xizhi of Jin Dynasty, Draft of a Requiem to My Nephew by Yan Zhenqing of Tang Dynasty, The Cold Food Observance by Sushi of Song Dyansty, Epitaph for Princess Runan by Yu Shinan of Tang Dynasty and Allium Flower Posts by Yang Ningshi of late Tang Dynasty.

Each of them shows a writing style unique of its time reflecting the feelings of the authors under different life circumstances. Through providing the meaning of and story behind the writing, and comments from other well-known calligraphers, Dr. Ho guided students into a deeper appreciation of calligraphic skills and sentimental expression in calligraphy. As students were fascinated by speaker’s introduction illustrated with rare copies of the five calligraphic works, they kept asking follow-up questions towards the end of the seminar. The third part of the seminar talk series, to be conducted by Dr. Ho again, to enrich students’ knowledge of Chinese calligraphy, is now scheduled in April 2018.



法學院的何慶文博士於一月二十四日 在紹邦書院舉辦了第二場關於中國書法鑑賞系列講座。該系列旨在加深學生對中國傳統文化的理解。該活動吸引了72名紹邦書院的院生參與。

這次研討會的重點是行書。 何博士首先解說行書的特點是一種便於書寫並模仿自然的個人風格。何先生用中國歷史上最著名的五大書法作品作說明- 晉代書法家王羲之的《蘭亭序》 ,唐朝書法家顏真卿的《祭侄文稿》,宋朝書法家蘇軾的《寒食帖》 ,唐朝書法家虞世南的“汝南公主墓誌銘”,唐朝書法家楊凝式的《韭花帖》。每個作品都表現出不同年代獨特的藝術風格,也反映了作者在不同生活情境中的感受。何博士通過解釋書寫背後的故事和文章意義,以及後世書法家的評論,引導學生對書法的技巧和情感表達有深刻的理解。學生們都被何博士的介紹與帶來的罕有書法仿製品所吸引,在會後仍然跟何講者繼續談論。何博士將於四月份繼續以第三次講座豐富學生對中國書法的認識。


Speaker Dr. Ho explaining the uniqueness of Xingshu



Students practicing Xingshu calligraphy after lecture



Dr. Ho talking about the story behind “Langting Xu”



Dr. Ho introducing the calligraphic artworks that he brought

何博士用他帶來的一張複製品來說明 《蘭亭序》