SPC’s Shanxi Service Learning Trip 2018

“…..at Bo Ai School, I was able to learn how to be thankful and treasure what are given”

“…..the children here teach me what good-natured kindness is, leading me to understand personal growth is never a straight-forward through path, neither is it a simple and easy thing”

“…..instead of teaching at Bo Ai School, I rather think it is learning on our part.   I learn about empathy, how to express love and self-understanding”


These are some of the personal reflections from participating students of SPC’s Shanxi Service Learning Trip 2018, which was held from May 22 to June 3.

Led by Master Leung, Associate Master-designate Prof. Brian Chan and Program Advisor Mrs. Andrea Leung, 25 SPC students visited Bo Ai School, a non-government-run school located in Fengcun, Xin Yuan County, Changzhi City, Shanxi Province of China, in a service learning trip for 13 days. So far, this is the fourth service learning trip organized by SPC. The preparation for this program lasted for more than five months, during which teaching materials and daily teaching plans were designed, and a charity sale that raised nearly MOP 30,000, had been jointly organized by SPC student groups.

Through activities such as volunteer classroom teaching, individual tutoring, visit to nearby elderly home and organic farming, this service learning trip provides students a precious opportunity to learn how to serve and care for others with a kind and selfless heart, cultivating a strong sense of empathy and thankfulness in participating students, as well as to learn how to work with others as a team. On the other hand, the trip to ancient city of Ping Yao enabled students to explore the fascinating culture and tradition of Shanxi Province.

Beginning in January 2018, these 25 SPC students devoted themselves in a five-month preparation in developing the curricular materials and teaching plans of their own areas from scratch, for the Bo Ai students on subjects including “English”, “Science”, “Activity Workshops”, “Window to The World” and “Small Potato and Big Story”. In order to enrich the contents of Activity Workshop, a game-based experiential learning curriculum had been developed this year by Ms. Louise Ho, who is a supporter of Bo Ai School from Hong Kong. This newly developed learning instrument provided great opportunities for children to improve their abilities and skills in coordination, deliberation, concentration, inter-personal relations, leadership, team spirit in a fun and effective way.

Throughout the 13 days teaching at Bo Ai School, SPC students were amazed by the strong curiosity and desire for knowledge on the part of the Bo Ai children. The hard work of SPC students paid off when they saw the smile on children’s face. Their teaching effort was highly appreciated by the Superintendent, Headmaster and teachers of Bo Ai School. Also, strong friendship with children had been developed.

In addition to classroom teaching, SPC students also visited the elderly villagers living in poverty nearby. They also experienced organic farming at the school. The trip ended with a one-night-and-one-day culture trip to ancient city of Ping Yao, an UNESCO’s preserved cultural heritage. This allowed SPCers to appreciate the unique architectural style of the city, as well as the traditional customs, history and culture of Shanxi Province.

Throughout the 13-days trip, all participating students were highly satisfied with their fruitful learning outcomes and said that they had benefited a lot from this trip. Kevin Yang, one of the Student Leaders of the program, said that although this was his second time to Bo Ai School, he was always impressed by how generous the children were to show their gratitude and love to the SPC group. Also, Mandy Hong and Fiona Cheong, two 4th year Student Leaders who were given a surprise graduation ceremony at Bo Ai this year, commented that it was really meaningful to be involved in this program over the years. They thought they were there to teach and help the school children. In fact, they received even more than what they gave.











從2018年1月開始,這25名成員便開始了為期5個月的籌備工作,包括從零開始準備在博愛學校的課程素材和教學計劃,主題包括“英語”、“科學”、“活動工作坊”、“世界之窗”和“小人物大故事”。為了能夠豐富活動工作坊的內容,來自香港的博愛學校義工何女士(Ms. Louise Ho)在今年開發了一套以遊戲為基礎的體驗式學習課程。這個嶄新的教學工具可以通過有趣且有效的方式,幫助小朋友改善合作、深入思考、專注、人際關係、領導力、團隊精神等多方面的能力。




所有成員都對這13天義教之旅所帶來的豐富學習成果十分滿意。項目的其中一位學生領袖楊同學(Kevin Yang)表示,儘管這是他第二次前往博愛學校,但還是被小朋友們所深深感動,因為小朋友們總是毫不吝惜地表達出對紹邦團隊的感激與喜愛。兩位四年級的學生領袖,熊嘉敏和張靖妍同學,今年在博愛學校體驗了一次一直被蒙在鼓裡卻“突然驚喜”的畢業典禮。她們表示,能夠參與這個項目對自己意義重大。她們以為自己是來教導小朋友的,但其實,她們學到的東西遠比付出的要更多。


Arriving at the Tai Yuan International Airport



Primary students joyfully experiencing air pressure behavior in a Science class.



The small-groups game-based teaching in the class



Procession of the UM-graduation ceremony at Bo Ai Primary School in the mountain region of Shanxi Province, China



The two SPC Year-4 students in their graduation gown (Mandy, third from left and Fiona, first from right) taking their graduation photo with SPC Master Prof. Leung (fifth from left), Mrs. Leung (second from left) and Bo Ai School’s Superintendent Mrs. Christine Chan (first from left).



Enjoying tiring organic farming experience



Saying Good-bye is not easy