Lunch with Professors at SPC – University Life: What to Expect?

On October 28, 2020, Shiu Pong College invited eleven professors to have conversations with students over lunch. This activity is meant to enhance students’ academic competence. Professors shared their study and professional life experience, and provided guidance and advice to students on their studies and career planning. Professors who participated in chatting with students included Prof. Zhang Benzi of Shiu Pong College, Prof. Kuong Io Kei of Department of English, Prof. Liu Hongyong of Department of Chinese Language and Literature, Prof. Cheng Chun Wai of Faculty of Education, Dr. Jiang Yiwa of Faculty of Law, Prof. Liu Minghua of Faculty of Business Administration, Dr. Si Tou Sio Tan of Faculty of Business Administration, Prof. Cheung Shu Fai of Department of Psychology, Prof. Ho Chiew Siang of Department of Government and Public Administration, Prof. Yang Yibai of Department of Economics and Prof. Sin Sai Weng of Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering. The lunch came to an end with laughter among professors and students.

SPC adopts a student-centered approach and offers support to students in their academic pursuits. Being one of the signature activities at SPC, “Lunch with Professors” is welcomed by many students as it is informal, and that professors and students can enjoy lively chit-chat.




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