Seminar talk at Shiu Pong College – National Symbols of China

The Shiu Pong College strives to boost students’ understanding of and pride in Chinese culture, and to enhance their national awareness and belonging. On October 21, 2020, Dr. Henry Ho of the Faculty of Law was cordially invited to deliver a seminar talk on “National Symbols of China”.

Dr. Ho introduced the topic by mentioning the significance of national Flag, national emblem, national anthem and capital of China. He emphasized that the Constitution and the Basic Law is the constitutional basis of Macau Special Administrative Region, and that the theories were also presented. To raise students’ vigilance and law-abiding awareness, Dr. Ho also talked about relevant laws and regulations on the use and protection of the national flag, national emblem and national anthem. Many students said that the seminar was rich in content and that they gained a lot from it.

Aiming to help boost students’ patriotic spirit and their determination to contribute to national development efforts, SPC has organized a seminar-talk series on a vast range of topics. Topic includes: the legitimacy of co-location joint checkpoint scheme.





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