Online Orientation of Shiu Pong College Held Successfully

Shiu Pong College (SPC) held its online orientation “First Lecture of SPC & Seniors Sharing” on August 13, 2021. The event attracted about 200 students in total.

This event was started by the “First Lecture of SPC” which is presented by Professor Benzi Zhang, Mater of Shiu Pong College. Professor Zhang gave a detailed explanation of the educational model of University of Macau (UM) and the origin of the College system, as well as the mission and the motto of SPC. He also pointed out that SPC strives to create a multi-dimensional learning environment for students, empower students with stronger academic support and boost character education, so as to cultivate good citizens with both talents and virtues for the development of Macao society and our country. Finally, Professor Zhang sent his blessings to the new students in their future life and personal development in UM. He also encouraged students to make the best of their time, pursue excellent performance, and make contributions to society with their professional skills.

Next was the “Seniors Sharing” session. In the first part, year-3 student Zhuang Yuan demonstrated how to use the university’s academic systems which included UMMoodle, add-drop systems, and so on. After that, the new students were divided into different discussion groups according to their majors and discussed with their senior peer students. This kind of group discussion facilitated interactions among the participants and allowed them to meet friends from the same major. Lastly, four senior students from the Honors College (HC), Wings Lei, Hong Lai Mok, Yandia Kuan and Rita Lei, shared their experiences in HC. The “Seniors Sharing” came to a successful end with positive feedback from the students.

According to the tradition of SPC, teachers and student leaders would plan a variety of orientation activities to help new members adapt to their new life in college and university. Due to the pandemic, various face-to-face activities had to be postponed this year. Nevertheless, the online orientation event “First lecture of SPC & Seniors Sharing” was well received by the new students and attracted the support of their parents and other College students. In addition, about 40 senior students from various majors also participated in the event and answered new students’ questions patiently. One of the new students said, “Although I am not yet in SPC, the enthusiastic help from the fellows and seniors has already made me feel the warm ‘home away from home’ as mentioned by Professor Zhang”.

By Hongze Song, Yitong Lin







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