Seminar Talk at Shiu Pong College –  Heading to Happiness by Financial Planning: Approaches and Barriers

On March 27, 2019, Professor Zhenjiang Qin of the Faculty of Business Administration was invited to deliver a seminar talk on “Heading to Happiness by Financial Planning: Approaches and Barriers”. Around 30 SPCers participated in this seminar.

Prof. Qin introduced the idea that happiness is measured as “utility of consumption” in economics and finance. Some possible ways were suggested to make people’s whole life as happy as possible, such as increased total consumption across the whole life and smooth consumption across different times and different states of the economy, etc. The pros and cons of different investment tools, including stocks, bonds, insurances, commodities and derivatives, were also analyzed. To students’ surprise, children are also considered to be one of the investment tools that can enhance total wealth and smooth consumption.

Personality Disorders (PD) were also introduced in the seminar. PDs are defined as a long-term, stable pattern of maladaptive and inflexible traits that leads to impairment or distress. In general, PD can be grouped into three clusters. They are: Cluster A (odd or eccentric disorders), Cluster B (dramatic, emotional or erratic disorders) and Cluster C (anxious or fearful disorders). The seminar was summed up by suggesting investment strategies for different clusters.


Prof. Qin was introducing the pros and cons of different investment tools.


Master Zhang was sharing his perspectives on financial planning.