Seminar Talk at Shiu Pong College  – The destiny of the skeletal muscle and the fat

On September 25, 2019, Dr. Li Wang of the Faculty of Health Sciences was invited to deliver a seminar talk on “The destiny of the skeletal muscle and the fat”. Around 60 students participated in this seminar.

Dr. Wang introduced the topic by mentioning two hormones: leptin and adiponectin. Leptin is predominantly the energy expenditure hormone. It is released from fat but it signals a feeling of fullness in a part of the brain called the hypothalamus. In other words, the hormone acts on the hypothalamus to induce satiety or to control appetite. For adiponectin, it contributes to increased insulin sensitivity and increases fatty acid oxidation. Besides, three adipocytes: brown, white and beige, were also introduced in the seminar. Dr. Wang summed up the seminar by suggesting effective ways to be healthier: to get enough sleep, to deal with stress properly, and to do exercises in the morning, etc.

Aiming to popularize cutting-edge scientific discoveries and technology among students, SPC has organized a seminar-talk series on a vast range of topics which are not yet available in textbooks. These topics include: how Omega-3 prevents cognitive dysfunctions, current research on Alzheimer’s disease, the misconceptions and truth of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the development of stem cells and cloning technology.


九月二十五日,澳門大學健康科學學院王麗博士蒞臨紹邦書院主持講座, 題目是“脂肪和肌肉的前世今生”,吸引了約60名同學出席。