Shiu Pong College Assisting Students in Career Planning with Professionalism

On April 14, 21, and 28, 2023, SPC held a series of workshop on “career planning” to help students understand the basic framework of career planning, gain a deeper understanding of “self” and “career”, which could contribute to better personal development. Finally, 20 students participated in the three workshops and received certificates from the College.

This series of workshops were given by three SPC academic staffs, Dr. Liu Jingjing, Dr. Sit Ho Yi, and Dr. Chan Hio Hei, who have received the training on Global Career Development Facilitator (GCDF). The content of workshops includes Holland Interest Themes, Super’s Career Development Theory, Life-Career Rainbow, career exploration, interview preparation, etc. GCDF is a global certification system developed by U.S. Center for Credentialing & Education (CCE), in collaboration with the U.S. National Career Development Association (NCDA) and the U.S. National Occupational Information Coordinating Committee, cultivating professionals who focus on career planning. In response to the characteristics of the College students, the three fellows refined the systematic knowledge acquired in the training, and strived to help students understand the importance and steps of career planning in a short period of time, establish a reasonable mentality for career development, and enhance their ability to adapt to social challenges.

This series of workshops is also part of the experiment of establishing a career planning supporting system at SPC. In addition to the workshop, SPC academic staffs also provide one-on-one career counseling to those who have career difficulties. The three fellows and the College Master, Professor Tam Sik Chung sorted out the above experiences and co-authored the research paper “A Preliminary Study on the Career Planning Supporting Needs of RC Students and the Ways to Meet It——Taking the Investigation and Practice of Shiu Pong College of the University of Macau as an Example” which has been rated as an excellent paper by the 8th Educational Forum on Modern Residential College System held in Shenzhen in July 2023. SPC representative will make a report in the forum.





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