Shiu Pong College – Shanxi Boai school online volunteer teaching program

This summer, 22 students from Shiu Pong College and 4 students from the Honors College completed the Shanxi online voluntary teaching program during 23rd to 28th May, 2022. After half year preparation, the voluntary team has overcome the unexpected difficulty of not being able to teach at Shanxi due to the epidemic. However, they immediately adjusted their strategy and brought excellent online courses to the children who study in the Boai school, which located in Feng Village, Qingyuan County, Changzhi City, Shanxi Province. When courses were finished, the headmaster and teachers from Boai School highly appreciated the courses and the dedication that the voluntary teaching team had devoted and looked forward to cooperating with Shiu Pong College in the future.

Turning challenges into opportunities

At the beginning of this year, the program student leaders had already begun to prepare for the program: from the selection of team members, to the charity sale, and to the design and demonstration of the curriculums. The team members tried their best in order to bring wonderful lessons to the children during two weeks’ visit in Shanxi. Unfortunately, the team received the news that they could not go to Shanxi due to the epidemic just a few weeks before departure. However, facing with the sudden change, the team did not give up easily because they knew that children of Boai School who are far away from Macau were still expecting to interact with them. With the support of the RC resident fellow and the headmaster and teachers of Boai, the team re-adjusted their strategy and switched from on-site teaching to online courses. They turned challenges into opportunities, and made good use of the advantage of online courses in Macau.

The way changes, but the love remains

This Shanxi volunteer teaching program demonstrates a successful try of online teaching under the「new normal」. In response to the change, the team members actively contributed their ideas and adjusted the lesson plan so as to match the characteristics of online teaching. For example, the team members went out of the campus before the class and took videos of the beautiful scenery of Macau, aiming to let the students experience the landscape of Macau, and broaden their horizons. After the course, the team prepared and mailed the gifts and Macau souvenirs to the children in Shanxi. Although the class was changed to an online format, the team members’ enthusiasm for voluntary teaching remained, which reflected their selfless dedication and commitment to volunteer education.

Shiu Pong College volunteer teaching program has a wide range of contents

The program covers a wide range of subjects, including “English”, “Science”, “Workshop” and “Window to the World”. The target students are the second to ninth grade students of Boai School. The team uses a grade-level grouping system, which allows each member to fully utilize his or her characteristics and develop a targeted lesson plan. Every team member designs, prepares, and tests the curriculum together. This demonstrates the excellent teaching ability and quality, high sense of responsibility and serious attitude of the volunteer teaching team of Shiu Pong College.

Shanxi volunteer teaching trip is one of the long-term experiential learning projects of Shiu Pong college. Project preparation starts at the beginning of each year, and a resident fellow will lead a group of students to teach at the Shanxi Boai School during the summer. In the process of teaching, the team members and the students in Shanxi establish a deep relationship. In the volunteer teaching, the team members’ ability to solve problems, the awareness of teamwork and the spirit of self-dedication will all be greatly improved.

(Article: Shanxi voluntary teaching program leaders CHEONG I SOI, ZHAO LINYUN)

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