Shiu Pong Public Speaking 2020

On October 20, Shiu Pong College welcomed a feast of speeches. Two guests from outside the University of Macau and seven UM members shared their life experiences as well as unique insights with the audience. With the wise words, there was a lot of applause.

This activity was organized by SPC Debate Team, which aims to train students in speech, debate, persuasion, negotiation and expression as one of the SPC Long-term Experiential Learning Programs.

The seven speakers from UM all have their own characteristics. Four SPC year-1 students spoke about their feelings as a freshman of the University in the topic of “I have become a university student”. Mr. Wilson Chu, the Vice-President of SPC House Association introduced how he became a socialite with humorous words. Ms. Shelly Cai who will graduate from the Faculty of Law and is now the President of the Mandarin Macau Toastmaster Club, analyzed the importance of effective communication with her own experience. Dr. Kevin Huang, Associate Master of Cheong Kun Lun College, shared with the audience the beautiful scenery of the Duku Highway in Xinjiang with the help of beautiful pictures and videos, which aroused a lot of envy.

Two invited guests from outside the University brought the atmosphere to a climax. Mr. Xi Rui, a well-known debater in the mass media, gave his thoughts on the debate, stressing the importance of contextualization in interpersonal persuasion. Dr. Chan Keng Lim, the Vice President of Pui Ching Middle School in Macau, reminded the audience not to get too high and ambitious, but to pay attention to the people and events around them, as they may be the most valuable assets in life.

Although the nine speakers had different backgrounds and experiences, their well-prepared speeches conveyed their thoughts on life and made the audience nod frequently, which was a great benefit to them.

Lastly, Prof. Yin Degang, Advisor of SPC Debate Team and Head Coach of the UM Mandarin Debate Team, gave a commentary on the importance of public speaking and its different styles. Prof. Zhang Benzi, the Master of SPC, even hit the nail on the head when he said, “Eloquence is the synthesis of various abilities such as thought, knowledge, intelligence, experience, observation and analysis.” He encouraged the SPC students to be prepared to go through hard training and develop their own style if they want to learn public speaking.

The event was also supported by The Student Affairs Office (SAO) and Mandarin Debate Team of University of Macau.

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