At Shiu Pong College’s 1st High Table Dinner (2020-2021), Dr. Lei Wai Seng and Dr. Miu Chi Fong Shared the Experience of China’s Mission to Africa to Supports its Fight against COVID-19

Shiu Pong College (SPC) held its first High Table Dinner of this academic year on November 26, 2020. As a prestigious tradition originating from world leading universities, High Table Dinner is a social, educational, and inspiring experience for students. Dr. Lei Wai Seng and Dr. Miu Chi Fong from Conde de São Januário General Hospital were invited to deliver a keynote speech. Dr. Lei is also the team leader of The China International Emergency Medical Team (Macao) and Dr. Miu is the team member.

Before the dinner, all stood up and sang the College Anthem. Professor Zhang Benzi, the College Master, then made an opening remark and rang the bell to kick off the event. As a tradition of SPC, the bell is not only to draw attention, but also to call for personal reflection, and to encourage students to gain a deeper understanding of life. Dr. Lei and Dr. Miu gave a keynote speech on their experience of China’s Mission to Africa to support its fight against COVID-19. The speech consisted of two parts. Firstly, Dr. Lei introduced the preparation work and operational mission of The China International Emergency Medical Team (Macao). Prior to being accredited, members of the team underwent training to equip them with the capability to support emergencies and rescue missions at the international level. In 2019, the team obtained accreditation from the World Health Organization. Then, Dr. Miu shared the team’s COVID-19 response experience in Africa. The team members trained local medical personnel and conducted academic exchange with them. He encouraged students to strive to do their best, both academically and behaviorally, to be the role models and share their own personal stories. The speech was interspersed with photos in Africa. It was truly an inspiring sharing for everyone.

The Inauguration Ceremony of the House Association (HA) was also held in the same evening. After Professor Zhang presented certification of appointment to the executive members and chairs of HA, the vice-president, Mr. Wilson Chu pledged to take up the important role to serve the College and all SPCers. To thank students who have made outstanding contributions to SPC and to recognize their academic achievement, the College awarded scholarships to 37 outstanding students and teams.

At the toasting session, Professor Zhang wished the freshmen to well prepare themselves during their four-year study in UM for greater achievement, greater responsibilities, greater contribution, and greater satisfaction. A musical composition by Mr. Zhang Weihang and Mr. Xiao Qikai added a lively atmosphere to the dinner. Eventually, the College Choir performed the song “The music’s always there with you”. This was a song especially for the frontline medical staff and to thank for their great efforts in the fight against the pandemic. The High Table Dinner was coloured with laughter and lively chit-chat among guests and students.

All the guests and students strictly adhered to the Macao SAR Government’s and the University’s pandemic prevention guidelines, such as wearing masks at appropriate times and keeping social distance. Invited guests at the dinner included Professor Billy So, Vice-Rector of University of Macau (Student Affairs); Professor Zhang Benzi, Master of Shiu Pong College; Dr. Lei Wai Seng, Dr. Miu Chi Fong, Dr. Ieong Pui I and Mr. Wong Kun Man from Conde de São Januário General Hospital; Miss Chan Soi Fan from Centre for Disease Control and Prevention; Professor Jean Chen, Dean of Faulty of Business Administration; Professor Deng Chuxia, Dean of Faculty of Health Sciences; Professor Chen Xin, Interim Director of Institute of Chinese Medical Sciences; Mr. Paul Pang, Dead of Students; Professor Brian Chan from Faculty of Arts and Humanities; Professor Leung Siu Wai and Professor Carolina Ung from Institute of Chinese Medical Sciences; Professor Xu Xiaoling from Faculty of Health Sciences; Professor Wei Bing from Faculty of Education; Professor Patrick Chu from Faculty of Business Administration; Dr. Vat Kam Hou from Faculty of Science and Technology.





在祝酒儀式上,張院長祝福新生們有充實精彩的大學生活,不負韶華。晚宴期間,張葦杭同學和肖其凱同學帶來色士風及鋼琴合奏,增添現場的熱鬧氣氛。最後,書院合唱團傾力獻唱“The music’s always there with you”。這首歌是特別送給前線醫護人員,衷心感謝他們在抗疫期間堅守崗位,守護著社會的安全。至此,2020-2021學年紹邦書院第一次高桌晚宴在一片歡愉的氛圍中正式圓滿落幕。

本次晚宴嚴格遵守政府和大學的防疫措施,包括適時戴口罩、限定參與人數和保持社交距離等。出席的嘉賓包括﹕澳門大學副校長(學生事務)蘇基朗教授;紹邦書院張本梓院長;仁伯爵綜合醫院李偉成醫生、繆智豐醫生、楊佩儀醫生及黃官文先生; 疾病預防控制中心陳穗芬女士;工商管理學院院長陳靖涵教授;健康科學學院院長鄧初夏教授;中華醫藥研究院代院長陳新教授;學生事務長彭執中先生;人文學院陳學成教授;中華醫藥研究院梁少偉教授及吳靄琳教授;健康科學學院徐曉玲教授;教育學院魏冰教授;工商管理學院朱國權教授;科技學院屈鑑濠博士。

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