SPC, CKLC and MLC participated “Art Macao”

Three residential colleges: Shiu Pong (SPC), Cheong Kun Lun (CKLC), and Ma Man Kei and Lo Pak Sam (MLC) colleges participated “Art Macau” on 25th Sept 2019. Co-organized by the Macau Cultural Institute, the Macau Government Tourism Office together with various hotels and resorts, “Art Macau”, a mega international arts and cultural event featuring eclectic art works and installations, has attracted numerous art lovers from the University of Macau.

Meticulously co-arranged by the government organizers and hotels, our UM students gained the vantage point to learn and appreciate various forms artistic exhibitions including the displays of Italian Renaissance and installations of Chinese modern and contemporary arts. With provision of transportation and professional docent services, our students were enthusiastically engaged to an artistic journey routing from the Wynn Palace to Taipa Houses Museum and Macau Museum of Art. During the visit, the students were imbued with artistic atmosphere and cultural vitality. They interacted with the docents and were able to solve some quizzes and gained prizes. By engaging a joint tour beyond campus, our UM students, accompanied along with Prof. Joaquim Kuong and three Resident Fellows and enjoyed and broadened their artistic and cultural horizons.


由澳門文化局及旅遊局主辨,藝文薈澳為一維時半年的大型全城文藝節慶,當中包括高雅的澳門藝術博物館主場展,多個華麗的度假村和酒店藝術展,多元的外國駐港澳領事館展覽,加上融入城市景點的6件戶外藝術裝置,匯聚古今中外藝術精品及耀目星光傳世佳作。為鼓勵學生參與是次盛大節慶,當局安排是次專線 “藝賞遊”導賞團,帶領參加師生欣賞數個展品聚點,當中包括永利皇宮、龍環葡韻、及澳門藝術博物館。院生們均表示,是次藝賞遊含兼容並蓄、豐富多樣的藝術元素,拓展了其藝術視野,在主辦方專業的導賞服務下,更帶來無限的遐想和啟迪。