SPC Students Gained A Lot from Expression Course

27 Shiu Pong College members successfully completed the certificate course in communication and expression on January 14, 2024. This course was launched by SPC who invited Mr. Victor Gu, a well-known debater and coach, as the instructor. It aims to help the students understand the ways to improve their communication and expression skills through 6 hours of study. Mr. Victor Gu provided various cases and vivid explanations based on cutting-edge theories, while the students were guided to think about what communication and expression are, and then practice how to carry out “efficient expression” and “persuasion in conflict situations” which are important to current life and career development. The students said that “the content is very informative” and “it is recommended to extend the time appropriately and have more classes.” Some students who have great potential in communication and expression stood up and built their confidence through this course, hoping to have more opportunities for practice and further self-development in the future.




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