Celebrating the 40th Anniversary of the University of Macau:

SPC’s seminar on “Why can Smugglers Escape Border Controls?”

On March 22, 2021, Professor Tak Wing NGO, from the Department of Government and Public Administration of the Faulty of Social Sciences, was invited to deliver a seminar talk entitled “Why can smugglers escape border controls?”

Professor Ngo introduced the topic by mentioning how many ports of entry in China, and that hundreds of thousands smugglers carry out shadow exchanges across national borders every day. He then explained the misconceptions of parallel trading. Some people may think that parallel trading is small quantity, informal and individual. In fact, it is large quantity, highly coordinated and syndicate, and that the transporting goods are always packed in uniform sizes. He then talked about the smuggling routes and how traders avoid customs control. Complemented with real on-site photos, he also shared his research experience in China, Russia, Kazakhstan and Vietnam. Many students said that the seminar was rich in content and thought-provoking, and displayed a diverse yet concise summary of informal practices in different border checkpoints.

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